Fully Integrated Home Automation

Integrate smart technology into your home, so you can customise and control your environment with ease

Home automation has never been so easy, and our home automation solutions encompass cabling, networking, immersive home-wide audio and connectivity, lighting controls, and security systems. Get a complete system or mix and match to suit your home.

Custom Designed
Custom Designed
Fully Integrated
Fully Integrated
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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Turn your home into a smart home

The best time to plan your smart home is during the building phase, but any home can become a smart home. Our fantastic home automation hardware and software from Control4 has the power to make any home into the most intelligent house on the street.

Size doesn't matter. We can smarten up your unit, medium-sized home, or a mansion. The technology we install is built to scale. From as little as a remote for your entertainment setup, a couple of smart lights, or wireless door access, right through to a fully integrated smart home solution.

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Control everything from any location

Our smart home solutions are all controlled by a central system, which is the brain of your home. Controls throughout your home communicate directly with the system, giving you control of all your smart devices in any location. Touchpads, mobile apps, or handheld remotes give you direct control any way you'd like.

Almost everything in a fully integrated home can be controlled, giving you access to dim the lights when it's late, start playing your favourite music throughout the house when it's quiet, or close the shades and turn the thermostat up when it's cold.

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Easily integrate with other hardware

The Control4 platform that we use to power our smart home solutions is an open platform, meaning it can directly be integrated with products from your preferred manufacturers, or simply installed with our preferred products, purpose-built for smart homes. It's entirely up to you.

Premium brands like Bose, Dish, Denon, LG, Samsung, and Sony already have the Control4 technology built into many of their products, but Control4 also communicates with over 13,000 devices from over 300 brands. The choice is yours.

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